The Sister Philosophy... Where it all started!

There is nothing quite as great as being able to work with your best friend, and we couldn't imagine a better way to do so.

Both of us bring a different love of romance, organization, behind-the-scenes smiles, and fairy-tale endings to each client, meeting, and event. We've done this our whole lives, always becoming that little bit better version of ourselves when we are together. And one day we realized, why aren't we doing this for real?

Two Birds began as a rendition of "Two Birds with One Stone" in reference to our partnership through every stage of event planning. As we talked it over more and more, it shortened to "Two Birds", because ultimately we are sister birds, and together, we will always be a stronger, and better, pair.

Meet the Sisters

Chani Rae Knight

Founder, Owner, and Coordinator

Melia Lynae Shamblin

Founder, Owner, and Coordinator