Coordinators, planners, designers, oh my!

Everything you need to know about the difference between wedding professionals!

Choosing the companies to trust with your big day is a big decision. But not one that you have to make alone! Wedding planners, coordinators, and designers are there for you to make sure that you aren’t thrown into any part of this solo or without the proper knowledge and support you need to succeed in orchestrating and imagining your best day ever.

But what exactly, and who exactly, do you need?!
Well, this is where we can help…


Wedding planner? More like new best friend!

Your wedding planner’s job from the time you meet until you say “I do” is to ensure that your wedding and every detail surrounding it is exactly what you want it to be. From ideas and inspiration at any hour, to keeping track of the contracts and wedding documents and making sure everything is organized, you can count on them for it all. A planner will start working with you immediately, helping to find and book vendors, making budgets with you, and serving as your sounding board for any ideas you may have.

When you are starting at square one, so much of the wedding process is reliant on support; and a planner is ready to take the weight off of your shoulders and walk with you through the journey, step by step. Even the smallest details are managed seamlessly, and it means that you can focus on the parts you’re the most excited about, and not have to focus all of your energy on exactly how many different types of glasses you’ll need at the table…

But with that being said, you can control what level of management you desire by hiring either a full or partial planner. If you want to be more hands-on with planning your wedding, but still need the ideas, support, and organizational management of a planner, this is the best option for you – just make sure you choose the best package (full or partial) as level of involvement varies. However, with a planner by your side, every option will be explored, and every detail will be attended to before your day comes.


When you hire a coordinator, you are hiring someone to do exactly that: coordinate, coordinate, coordinate!

All of the planning leading up to the day of the event has been done by you, and the coordinator you are working with will take the reins, allowing you to sit back and relax during the event itself. This doesn’t mean you have no support though! While a coordinator isn’t there to help you plan your event, they are there to make sure it gets managed seamlessly! And in order to do that, there are meetings leading up to the big day where the coordinator creates the day-of timeline with you, schedules all of the vendors to flow with this timeline, and becomes the point person during the event to make sure that decor is set up how you want, the music starts at the right time (and is the right music!), and that every detail that is important to you is done exactly how you asked. And, since we can’t predict it all, we are there to put out any fires (literal and figurative!) during the event, so that you don’t have to worry one bit about it.

But aren’thired wedding coordinators and the coordinator at my venue doing the same job?
While some of their expertise overlaps, the scope of these professionals does vary – and it is important to understand this difference while you’re deciding whose hands to trust your event with! In a nutshell, a venue coordinator is looking out for the best interest of the venue, and a wedding coordinator is looking out for the best interest of you! In alignment with this, venue coordinators are not at any offsite ceremonies, rehearsals, or pre-event festivities, and while they contact vendors for set up inquiries, they don’t build your wedding timeline with you down to the last detail so items such as hair and makeup artists or photographers may not be on a tight schedule, or therefore on time.

And day of coordinators are there for the ultimate event management – venue, vendors, guests, everything! If the best man loses the rings or the flower arrangements don’t show up on time, it is your day of coordinator’s job to ensure the rings are found and the flowers are in their place by the time the event begins! Overall, day of coordinators are by your side, regardless of location, and maintain close contact with all vendors you have hired for your big day not just the day it happens, but at least a few weeks before to ensure that it is all perfect.

Designer or Stylist:

Last, but certainly not least, is the event designer or stylist. Not to be confused with the aforementioned professionals, a designer or stylist has very little to do with the planning, coordination, or direction of the event. This guru will typically work very closely with your planner or coordinator to develop the overall theme and aesthetic you are looking to channel. A designer or stylist can help you pick out linens, chairs, and color palettes, and will create detailed floor plans for your vendors to reference when setting up. Now, this can overlap with a planner or coordinator depending on their experience, but this service may require additional add-on prices, or even a higher level of planning to accomplish.

Still not sure exactly what you need for your big day? Asking yourself the following questions could help point you in the right direction…

    1. How much time do you want to put into planning your wedding? If you’re struggling to find time in the week to complete wedding-related tasks, a wedding planner might be the right professional for you to ease some of the stress off of your shoulders and make sure that nothing falls by the wayside.
    2. Do you really just need someone to be there a few weeks or so leading up to your big day? A wedding coordinator sounds like the professional for you! You two will get in touch right before your event and exchange information, allowing them to orchestrate everything the day of.
    3. Newly engaged and completely new to the idea of what you want your wedding to be, or have so many ideas that you can’t narrow down? A wedding designer or stylist can help you create a vision specifically designed for you, and most full wedding planners will help you with these services to make sure you are informed and able to make the decisions that you love for your big day.
    4. Are there a lot of conflicting opinions pointed your way in your immediate friends and family whenever you bring up your big day? A wedding planner can provide unbiased insight that takes the pressure off of you and your soon-to-be spouse and give you a comfortable space to explore every option and avenue for your wedding before you decide.
    5. Do you have the vision for your wedding and feel completely confident in working with vendors to make those visions a reality, but are not sure how you’re going to do everything the day of? A coordinator can help alleviate those pressures on your big day by worrying about vendors, decor, and timelines, allowing you and your friends, family, and guests to sit back and relax.

Still not sure exactly where you fall?

Here at Two Birds, we offer full and partial planning, as well as coordination services with a complimentary initial consultation to talk to you about what we offer, and what you need! This is designed to ensure that you are getting exactly the help you are looking for leading up to, or on, your big day and we want to make sure that you choose the level of planning that is right for you!

We also believe wholeheartedly in a truly customized experience, so we offer various a la carte and add-on services (under our Services tab) that are available to be added on to any level of coordination or planning, and encourage unlimited contact throughout your planning process – we are here for you 24/7!

So what does all of this mean for me?

Well, if you’re looking to throw an amazing party or event, just got engaged, getting ready to be engaged, planning surrounding events, or even weeks away from your wedding – reach out to us! Look at our website, our instagram, our facebook page, and email us to set up a complimentary meeting!

We can’t wait to meet you.

Happy planning!

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