How to conquer “The Bach”!

Bachelorette parties – and the beauty of them – is that they can be absolutely anything you want them to be! And let’s face it, everyone is so different – our weddings vary, as does our taste in food, music, style, and especially in what we view as a good time! As your “last night” out with your best friends, you get a chance to unwind and spend some much needed and deserved time with the ladies (and maybe even gents!) that you chose to stand by you while you marry the love of your life.
But what to do?! There are so many options from the typical to the unusual… and everything in between!
And lucky for you, we’re here to give you a few of our favorite ideas for what kind of bachelorette party may perfectly fit every interest of your bride – no matter what that is!

The Budget-Conscious

Hey, sometimes wedding planning can make you see every outing as one big dollar sign- we get it! But that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a great night with your group! Going out isn’t everything, and you can have a great night on the cheap!

  • Have a girls night in! Everyone can bring their favorite dish, snack, or dessert and commence your massive sleepover! Don’t forget that party games, drinks, movies, and chatting until the sun comes up is also definitely included.
  • Game night! Everyone loves a good game to get a night really going. Whether you’re into shorter games that you can play over and over or longer ones that last all night, this is sure to be a hit! Hint: Bring the game “Red Flag” and have a blast trying to give the bride her dream date… if she can get past the deal-breakers!

The Wine Lover

While partaking in libations is a standard bachelorette pastime, take it up a notch and incorporate your bride’s favorite drink with something a little more glam.
Our favorite wine-loving activities…

  • Wine tours! An hour or so in the car and suddenly you’re in wine country and surrounded by not only beautiful vines and wines – but the best photo ops too! What a great opportunity to take some candid pictures with your wine and closest friends to celebrate – bring your props, your best outfits, and of course a picnic. All of that wine needs a good snack to accompany it!

We have been LOVING tours like these…

  • Napa Valley
  • Sonoma Valley
  • Lodi
  • Wine walks! Looking to stay local but still socially sip together? Wine walks are not only popular but a great way to get out and about in the summertime months to try some new blends and enjoy your own personal decorated glass! Some wine walks even offer small bites or discounts to certain restaurants, so make a day of it and have dinner too!
  • Painting & Wine – Vino & Van Gogh, Picasso & Wine, you name it! There are a million variations of this awesome pastime that brings the creative side out, while still giving you a great place to cheers over the upcoming nuptials. And the best part is, you can pick whatever painting you want for that class! Go to the website beforehand and choose the painting that you think she will love, or even book a private class and pick your own! Either way, you can take your bride out to sip and paint her soon-to-be spouse’s initials in the (metaphorical) sand! Which begs the question: what to do with the do-it-yourself bride?

The DIY-er

Does the idea of learning how to do something new, or create something for your abode tickle your fancy? Get the gang together and take a class!

    • Making cocktails! So many bars have drinks that may be your go-to, but do you know how to make it at home? A cheaper alternative to going out for drinks, and a tastier alternative than your friend that uses half vodka in every drink, is taking a great class to learn how to do it yourself! This one in midtown Reno is a great option!
    • Cooking classes! Has your bride always wanted to learn how to make the perfect gnocchi, or even an edible lasagna? Does she love ethnic foods and have a pallet ready to explore new things? This could be a great way to bring everyone together – an age old trick, over food!

The Music Lover

Live music brings the fun to any party! Grab your group and go to a concert, a festival, a club, and dance the night away! The best part about going out to a festival is you can make a weekend of it and even see some sights while you’re there. This is especially true when festivals are near some beautiful places like these…

The Adventure Seeker

Is your bride’s idea of fun getting lost in the mountains and exploring nature? Consider getting down and dirty and plan a camping (or glamping!) weekend with the girls. You’ll get to relax in the wilderness, tell stories, and make memories to remember for years to come!
Some of our favorite locations driving distance or day-trip away…
Independence lake
This is an excellent lake that used to be private but is now a public, off the beaten path lake where you can go – free of charge! – and rent unlimited kayaks and small motor boats for the day.
Bonus: Sagehen campground is right next door so you can spend your days relaxing on the lake and exploring the forest surrounding, and spend your nights snuggled up together over a campfire, making s’mores and telling your favorite stories of the bride and groom.
Collins Lake
Located only a few hours from Reno, Collins lake is perfect for a group of gals to get in, relax, and have a weekend to themselves! Also a great “glamping” option, this lake and campground has many options for RV plug-ins.
A few of the best parts about this place? There is a main shop with extra supplies, so anything you forget is taken care of! And even more, this little shop has some of the absolute best local ice cream you could imagine… for just dollars!
Additionally… PARTY BOATS. Need we say more?! These two story rentable party boats are the perfect way to roam around the lake, explore, and even BBQ up some lunch on while you’re relaxing in the sun or sliding down the slide into the always reasonable temperature water (aka you won’t freeze to death like you will in Tahoe!)

The Fitness Guru

Not every bride is looking to relax or go full party for their bach – and that’s okay! There are so many options that still get the girls together, but for something recreational and fun! Whether you’re at home, taking a trip, or staying nearby these are a few of our favorite active pastimes…Take a yoga class! If you’re in town, there are always studios that have drop ins, or some that can even take a private class! Want to learn specific poses? Look into booking a private session for all of you to practice in peace!

    • Take a pole dancing class! A popular choice for the bach as it’s a little risque while also being a blast – how could you not have a good time?! This also leads to breaking a bit of a sweat, wearing your favorite outfit, and getting silly with your friends.
    • Aerial silks classes! These have gotten more and more popular as a super attainable hobby, or even just something to try. There are studios now in almost every major city, and you can stick with the beginners tricks…
    • Take a scenic bike ride! Travel around your town or city, or even bike around one nearby! Not everyone has a bike? Most cities, including Reno, have Lime Bike – or a version of it – and you can rent bikes for everyone in your group for cheap!

The Bride Who Needs a Break

In the midst of planning a wedding, your bride might need an opportunity to turn off her phone, put her feet up, and relax with her girlfriends.
The beauty of a spa day is that you can go to a specific day spa for your pampering needs, or you can do an impromptu spa day at home! Our favorite local spa is the Atlantis Spa & Casino – catered toward a day-long experience there are dry saunas, steam rooms, hot tubs, cold pools, experience showers, lounging areas, a relaxation room, over 6 kinds of flavored water dispersed throughout, and did we even mention that they have complimentary sugar scrubs, hair products, curling irons and hair dryers and everything you would ever need to get ready for a great dinner out after you spend the day getting pampered. And you can do almost all of that at home too! Make some DIY sugar scrubs (our favorites), face masks (our favorites), and even incorporate the mood with an at-home spa (we like this one!)
Maybe your bride isn’t a fan of spas or wants to get out while still getting some much needed R&R?
Try a beach day! In the Reno-Tahoe area, we are so lucky to have beautiful beaches just a quick drive away. No matter where you pull over, you’re sure to find a relaxing view and sunny rays, though, King’s Beach, Zephyr Cove, and of course, Nevada Beach have a soft spot in our hearts. Don’t forget the sunscreen and floaties!

The traveler

Does your bride just want to get out of town? Maybe its the “whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” mindset, or they just want to get away for a bit! Maybe take them on one of these…

    • Weekend getaway! There are plenty of flights that are on the cheaper side that will get you to unexpected, exciting places, or pack up the car and go on a road trip. The possibilities are endless, and what better way to make memories than to jet off to some place new? Our personal weekend favorites are San Francisco, Disneyland (hello, matching Mickey Mouse ears!), and Denver, Colorado!
    • What could be better than you and your girlfriends on a cruise, soaking up the sun and on your way to go on a new adventure? Cruises can be pretty reasonably priced when split up between the wedding party, especially if you book off-season! Check out cruises to places like the Bahamas, the Caribbean, or even Alaska for the cooler weather lovers out there.

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