Hello, I’m Melia! My husband, Shawn, and I live in Gardnerville with our three cats (Loki, Arya, and Yaddle) and our feisty troupe of chickens. A common theme in the endeavors I’ve been involved in has been organization and efficiency, all while looking to maintain a professional, yet candid, relationship with those around me. Applying these strengths to the event and wedding planning industry was not an obvious next step for me, however, now it seems like a no-brainer!

The road here has been one filled with twists and turns! I attended Paul Mitchell in 2009 to obtain my cosmetology license after working in a salon setting for the last two years of my high school career. I had a wonderful 6-year career, where I gained a great appreciation for behind-the-scenes work, especially as it pertains to weddings and other special events. While I still maintain my licensure, I no longer work in a professional cosmetology setting and instead have been continuing my education as a graduate student.

When I’m not keeping my nose to the grindstone, you can find me tending to our backyard garden, spending time with my sister, or in the mountains going on adventures with my husband. Any hobby that either pushes me physically or mentally is one that I tend to gravitate towards. A friend once remarked that we don’t let the grass grow under our feet, and I aspire to continue applying that expression to all aspects of my life!

Being immersed in the world of wedding and event planning will always remain an unexpected path in my journey of life. However, I am truly the luckiest of people to have a partner whom I can call my best friend and sister to keep me company along the way.