The Importance of Taking a Break

It’s no secret that the wedding planning process can be A LOT. From researching wedding vendors to trying to find the exact periwinkle color for your centerpieces, there is no shortage of things to be done before your big day!

But, what if we told you that despite your to-do list nagging you at the end of every work day, taking a break from it all could actually benefit you and your soon-to-be spouse? You might call us crazy, but hear us out…

First, let’s look at some signs that you might be in need of a little TLC, or a long weekend away from all things wedding planning:

  1. You’re constantly irritable, even at your fiance(e)

  2. Date night? What date night?

  3. Every conversation you have revolves around some aspect of your wedding – whether your friends want it to or not!

  4. Your regular TV shows have taken second place to every wedding-related show on Bravo

  5. Your wedding day doesn’t signify the day you marry the love of your life anymore, it now signifies the day when all this planning comes to an end!

  6. Every decision you’ve made, you’re now second guessing

  7. Planning your wedding has turned into something you “have” to do, instead of something you “want” to do

Sound familiar?

Then it’s time for you to take a break! Close your laptop, shut off your phone, hide your wedding binder – whatever you have to do to get some distance from the process. Grab your soon-to-be husband or wife and have a night out (no wedding talk allowed)! Give yourself any amount of time you can to get your mental and emotional health back to a more relaxed state.

All in all, remember to step back and appreciate this time in your life. Being a fiance(e) doesn’t last very long, so go out and enjoy the time you have with your significant other before you tie the knot!

And remember… We want YOU to have the best wedding process you can, which is why before you get to this breaking point, we always recommend hiring a wedding planner! The beauty of hiring a professional to help you with everything that needs to happen before your big day is, they are there to help you with as much (or as little!) as you want help with. No extra fuss, stress, or strain on your overall wellbeing, just focusing on the fun parts – leaving the hard work to someone with your best interests in mind. Also, as wedding planners ourselves, we’ve done this before! We know what needs to get done by what time, so rest easy knowing that you’ll be handing over all of this hard work to someone who won’t let anything fall through the cracks.

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